I just need to tell this crazy story…

For this post: I might get some comments from some religious people and frankly if you are very religious, just stop reading NOW because I plan on talking about my sex life and I am not married.

To be honest, I have only started having sex since this past February. I was never one of those people to dream of the perfect moment with flowers and candles and music and a person I was so in love with.. yeah no the first time almost always sucks if you’re a girl and your guy has an average to above average size penis.

With this mentality came the perfect storm of me stressing like CRAZY because of school and sports and family and theatre and BLARGH. Lotsa stress = a very very very tense, moody, emotional me. At this point my good friend/ex boyfriend started talking to me again (crazy ex girlfriend who hated me.. yuck high school drama). We decided to hang out and since we always had intense chemistry between the two of us, we were flirting MASSIVELY he tried to kiss me and I wasn’t having it. The two of u just started talking after two years, right? (let it be known this guy is two years older than me and WAY more sexually experienced than me) Later through texting he suggested a friends with benefits situation.  He did not pressure me or try and make me feel guilty for saying no or promise that it would turn into a relationship. So hmm… Now heres where most girls would say “Ew no, that will always end in failure!” but against my better judgement I said yes.

He was really great: didn’t pressure me, didn’t try anything weird, made sure I was comfortable and set up good communication between us so the experience was really great. For the most part at least… the teensy problem we ran into was that he didn’t fit until after a couple of tries and by tries I mean two separate occasions/days… but after that it was great! You know, until the obvious and because of our history and emotional connections, oh and the fact that we were sharing one of the most intimate actions with each other, I started becoming too emotionally attached. After all it was a friends with benefits situation and he realized it and ended it. Thank you, thank you for having the sense of mind to do that, bud, or it could have ended much worse and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try again!

the rest of the story will come later….


About tohelpmelive

Just trying to get through the early years of life without imploding, you know? I love theatre, nature, traveling, and learning new things
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