I love college… and new guys!!

So first week of college = survived

Second week of college = SWAMPED

Yes thats right, I am already swamped with homework on my second week of college. Oh the joys of being a biology major. At least I’m not pre-med like my suite mates which sucks even harder…

But even with spending nine hours at the library tonight (yes you read that correctly, NINE hours) I was still able to have some fun and you know… party 😉 Yes I went and drank and had a little fun, so sue me!

Heres the wonderful dirty laundry details of my first two college weekends:

The first night we went out I met a freshman guy named Jake. He’s really cute and seemed nice so he ended up coming back to my place and we hooked up, no big deal. Didn’t get his phone number or even his last name… oooops.

Well this past thursday (thirsty thursday) I went out, not really to drink just to hang out and met a sophomore guy named Sam. Ended up having sex with him and staying the night… yeah did my first walk of shame and had a 9am class. But I got his last name… but no phone number….

Then this past friday, since this being labor day weekend, I decided to go out because a sports team I am a part of was sponsoring a black out party. Saw Sam there. You’d think “Yaaaay” but no. Gave me a one arm hug said “hey, how are you” and walk away….

So I find something to drink and meet James. Now, james is a junior and we find we are from the same area!! Now by this time, I am truly truly drunk because eI pre gamed for this party and then I had more SoCo then I should have…. But James was super awesome and made sure I was drinking water and mostly coherent. We had a nice time just talking and dancing. RA busts the freaking party… grumble humble grumble…. and lets just say there was no way I could walk home by myself. So james walks me home 🙂

Now I was blacked out for this part but from speaking to suite mates the walk home was uneventful until I key into our suite and run into my friends Justina and Julia. Apparently I introduced James with his last name (Score!) and then proceeded to tell them in front of him that I wasn’t going to have sex…. yay for black outs….

Once we get into my lovely single room, I can remember everything clearly! James was sweet and made sure I put my phone and keys where I could find them the next day. We then kissed for a few minutes and then he left, but not before we exchanged phone numbers!!!! (Score x2!!)

So then saturday, at another sports sponsored party, I see Sam (whateeeevs) and then James shows up (yaaaaay) and we dance and talk and talk and dance and genuinely have an amazing time. So the party winds down around 1am, I’m tired, he’s tired, security is gone so he decides to walk me home, AGAIN! (see, super sweet right?) This time whenI key in, I’m not blacked out, and he meets my suite mates and some of their friends and proceeds to have a 45 minute small talk conversation with all of them. He’s being super awesome and super nice and I’m just like “… wow, where did you come from??”

When the conversation NATURALLY dies (nobody forced it to stop) we go back to my room. Now mother nature decided to visit me early so no sex tonight, but guess who still stays the ENTIRE night till about 10am….. Thats right the super sweet, nicest guy I’ve ever met… I’m like school girl infatuated right now! Sadly he’s not at the school this semester for his own reasons but he’s 45min away and visits frequently. Also, he’s coming back spring semester!

I have never been more ecstatic about a guy I think in my entire life…. We shall see how this goes, hopefully it doesn’t end up like my previous two friends with benefits relationships…

*yes I know I need to finish that story, it’s in the works. Remember, 9 hours in a library!!*

But here’s to my mantra: Positive thinking! 🙂


About tohelpmelive

Just trying to get through the early years of life without imploding, you know? I love theatre, nature, traveling, and learning new things
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