my chronic illness

So while the title of this post may be a bit misleading, my chronic illness is bad timing. So much bad timing…. It is the reason for most of my problems with relationships. I meet someone and they aren’t ready for a relationship or they just got out of a bad one or just got into one… or has been in one for 6 years… It happens all the time and just keeps happening:

  • Marco –> met right after he broke up with someone and after he and my older sister started to hate each other…
  • Bryan (an older relationship, he’s not currently in my life) –> started dating him right before he left for college
  • Kyle –> met just before I left for college
  • RJ –> met after he just got out of a long relationship
  • Corey (who I will explain later) –> met a month before he ships off the bootcamp

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or change!

This isn’t something I can really change is it?

….. this sucks


About tohelpmelive

Just trying to get through the early years of life without imploding, you know? I love theatre, nature, traveling, and learning new things
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