Cory… Bootcamp Boy

So I posted ‘my chronic illness’ without saying anything about Cory. Cory was the friend of my friend’s boyfriend. He’s from a small town and is a trull charming guy. Kinda talks like the kid from Fast and Furious 3, but I digress. He came down for the weekend and RJ had just been like “see ya later” so I was like, “he’s cute, this is nice!” So Friday night was fun and innocent. Saturday rolls around and I get drunk off my ass. I mean, blackout drunk I can’t remember ANYTHING. So from piecing together stories from the next day, I find out that after I had blacked out, and I mean literally MINUTES after my memory is gone, I went over and just made out with Cory, just on a couch in front of ALL the people… Yeah. And then we were fooling around upstairs aaaaand then I puke… super awesome! So that was the weekend. But I get Cory’s number after I leave and I apologize and we start flirting and blah blah. Well he wanted to come again next weekend and see me. Again. At the time I was feeling it so I said yeah. I kind of figured he wanted the V because the kid was shipping off to BOOTCAMP in a month…. hence the bad timing? And I was kind of like yeah, sure why not? Well he gets here and we’re hanging out and something is wrong. Something does not feel right. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was just wrong. So in the middle of making out (which unfortunately he was AWFUL at) he’s about to take off my shirt and I just go “No I can’t.”

Now honestly, that surprised me. But I went with it I said I didn’t want to have sex with him because I honest to God didn’t. Something felt wrong and I know now I did the right thing.

I guess the moral of this post is: If it feels wrong, its okay to say no. Don’t feel bad. Even if people harp on you or yell at you about it, you did what was right for you.

Plus a man should not drive 3 hours just to visit a girl for sex. Just saying…


About tohelpmelive

Just trying to get through the early years of life without imploding, you know? I love theatre, nature, traveling, and learning new things
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