I Can’t Be Single

So I have decided that physically or emotionally or for whatever reason, I cannot remain single. I look for some kind of relationship where ever I go. It doesn’t matter if it’s friends with benefits or like a real exclusive relationship, I have to have one.

After breaking up with the long distance boy, I was at a fraternity house on campus and I was pretty drunk, not blackout but pretty gone. One of the brothers, Luke, kissed me and I was like you’re hot but nooooo that is a horrible idea. He’s kind of an asshole so I was sober enough to realize that (GO ME!!). But then I start talking to one of the other brother, William.

Now William and I didn’t really have much of a history of anything with each other. We hung out at parties a few times over winter and I always was kind of attracted to him. He has a fu personality and is super sweet and gives awesome hugs. So we were talking and he was really close to me and just went in for a kiss. And then we started making out and it was great but I was drunk so Carter, best friend ever, was like “Hey it’s time to go home now” so drunk me was like YEAH! SO I went back with Carter but not before giving William my number. Funny enough Carter and I ended up fooling around (oops sorry William) and then I slept over.

BUT William did text me the next day and we were texting for pretty much the entire week until Saturday night and I went out and back to the frat house and he gave me a drink and we played pong (had a four game win streak, holla!) and the we were just flirting and having an amazing time and I spent the night. But what was nice and refreshing is that we didn’t have sex! We cuddled and talked and watched old british sitcoms and it was awesome. We stayed in bed until 1:00pm the next day. We did kind of fool around the next morning but no sex. It was just an awesome night. Since then, I’ve pretty much stayed with him almost every night.

What is kind of worrisome is that we haven’t really talked about what we are to each other. Like I don’t know if we are exclusive or not and we are just kind of avoiding really having a serious conversation about that.

He is also seriously considering transferring to University of Alabama for next semester. That makes me so upset and it goes back to my “my chronic illness” post. Such bad fucking timing. And it sucks because we just started hanging out and it’s just kind of sad. He’ll start talking about with with some of his frat brothers and I’m always like “please don’t leave….” So we will see where this goes…. Hopefully not to Bama.


About tohelpmelive

Just trying to get through the early years of life without imploding, you know? I love theatre, nature, traveling, and learning new things
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