May through June

May and June were a whirlwind. I was so caught up with that Organic Chemistry class I barely had time for anything else. I did, however, make time for Carter. I would get out of class earlier most nights and stop by his house for some chill time or some sexy time. Or even both. All of that was still in a very affectionate but platonic relationship we have. It’s such an odd relationship I think I’ll save it for another time to fully analyze and nitpick it. But that was a pretty decent constant in my life.

I also managed to work more than expected. I got roleplaying jobs and I got a decent receptionist job at a car dealership. That was a ton of fun just because of the characters that work at car dealerships. That and because I am almost positive everyone thought I was at least 4 years older than my actual age. I got 2 real dates out of that job though. Real actual dates with people I barely knew. I mean that has NEVER happened to me. EVER. I was so happy! The first date came in June so I will save the other for later. The first date was with a man named Edwin. He was 24 and from West Africa. He was so smart and so intelligent. We talked about NPR and the government and politics and religion and travel and college and everything! I had never felt more intellectually matched before. But sadly towards the end of our date, he decided to say he was looking for that “one person to settle down with, and I think you are that one.” WHOA. Slow your roll hero, what?! After one date I am suddenly “the one”? I mean I believe in love at first sight or so but we did not zing! (points if you get the reference). That was such a let down.  So I didn’t have a second date on that one. Then an older hispanic salesman tried to take me out salsa dancing. He has a wife AND a daughter. That was so not okay. But it was still fun because I got to feel like what it is to be a grownup for a few hours. It was fun and interesting.

Through all this craziness I ended up with an A in organic chem and to be quite honest, I found it easy and almost fun. I hate to brag but seriously, if you have a good enough chemistry foundation, Organic Chem should not be that difficult for you.

Other than Carter, I hooked up with Kyle again after almost a year. It was fun and he bought me chipotle so hollaaa. I also hooked up with the guy who took my virginity (I don’t think I ever gave a name for him so from now on his name is Marius). What is hilarious to me, is by the end of June, I had cultivated a relationship of multiple partners and each partner knew about the others. It was perfectly stable and deliciously flexible. Each person got their time and I had a different needs of a relationship filled by each one. I’ll expand on that later. All in all, my may through june was fun a successful.

Sadly that does not continue to the rest of my summer….. more on that later!


About tohelpmelive

Just trying to get through the early years of life without imploding, you know? I love theatre, nature, traveling, and learning new things
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