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May through June

May and June were a whirlwind. I was so caught up with that Organic Chemistry class I barely had time for anything else. I did, however, make time for Carter. I would get out of class earlier most nights and … Continue reading

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I Can’t Be Single

So I have decided that physically or emotionally or for whatever reason, I cannot remain single. I look for some kind of relationship where ever I go. It doesn’t matter if it’s friends with benefits or like a real exclusive … Continue reading

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I love you

Those words trouble me. They scare me. They make me sweat. They make me worry. They imply obligation A commitment. They imply strong feelings. But what if those feelings aren’t romantic? What if you just care about someone deeply? Is … Continue reading

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For the one thats always in my thoughts and heart….

Sometimes, I don’t really understand whats going on inside your head. Our conversations can leave me puzzled. And the worst part is, I love you to pieces. You can call me babe, you can say ‘I love you’ but I … Continue reading

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It sucks sleeping alone….

Sometimes habits form really really fast. I mean like REALLY fast. Take for example my most recent habit. Sleeping with RJ. Now when I say sleeping with, I mean sleeping in the same bed, not having sex although that may … Continue reading

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hello poetry, sometimes you find a gem….

I am loud, Demanding attention. I know when I am being charming Because I try. I put on my impressing face And do my impressing hair And speak my impressing words. I tell you my embarrassing drinking stories And everything … Continue reading

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this crazy story, part 2

*here is part one if you missed it “I just need to tell this crazy story…” Yupp!! I did it again, another friends with benefits relationship. “Is this girl nuts?” you ask. Maybe, but am I happy about it? YESSS!! … Continue reading

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